Successful succession

Thoughtful, strategic business succession planning will provide your beneficiaries or partners with a roadmap to transition your business according to your wishes – at a time when they likely have many other concerns to attend to.

Our attorneys take the time to understand your business and goals. We create custom legal documents to ensure your business does not have to go through probate court and to help you retain the maximum value for your business during its transition, wind down, or sale.

Benefits of working with Moore Legacy Law include:

– Expertise and best practices to guide you through the planning process
– Avoid probate and the associated fees and delays
– Maximize business value and your ownership interests
– Help ensure the transition goes according to your wishes
– Minimize the likelihood of lawsuits and creditors taking advantage

Get an upfront cost estimate to help you choose how to proceed.

Our business succession documents may include:

– Power of Attorney authorizations

– Amendments to operating agreements, partnership agreements, or corporate bylaws

– Assignment of business interests upon death

– Buy/sell agreements

– Custom documents for your unique business and needs

Our business succession plans determine:

– Who will handle your business’ affairs for you – including accessing your bank accounts, paying vendors and employees, canceling your lease, making claims to insurance, and otherwise transitioning your business without having to go through probate court

– Whether your business will be inherited, transitioned to new ownership, sold, or wound down

– How your business should be transitioned, sold, or wound down – including how clients will be handled

– If you have partners, how your ownership interest will be transferred upon death or incapacity

Former Probate Judge & litigators

We are a father/son/close friend team with 60 years combined experience. We guide difficult conversations, answer all your questions, and provide advice that clarifies and simplifies.

Plans that work for you and in court

We will not be satisfied until we’ve created a business succession plan that meets your goals, that you can understand, and that your representatives can implement.

Easier, demystified estate planning

Our experienced attorneys will take the time to get to know your business and create custom documents to detail your wishes. We will provide advice and recommendations to demystify business succession planning.

How can we help protect

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Fill us in on your needs. The first conversation is free, and it’s reassuring. We will provide transparent pricing options to fit your budget, so you can decide whether, when, and how to proceed.


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