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When a person loses capacity to make decisions due to a stroke, coma, or other illness, his or her Power of Attorney documents take effect. If the person did not have Power of Attorney documents prior to incapacity, loved ones will likely need to seek guardianship and conservatorship through the probate court.

Similarly, for children under 18 whose parents (or guardians) pass away, a loved one will need to seek guardianship. They will also need a conservatorship established unless the parents created and funded a living trust before passing.

– Guardianship: gives you legal authority to make healthcare and living decisions for a person
– Conservatorship: gives you legal authority to make financial decisions for a person

Moore Legacy Law is unique in that we have backgrounds in both estate planning and probate litigation. We make the guardianship/conservatorship process as easy as possible for our clients and their loved ones, helping you get appointed more efficiently.

Get an upfront cost estimate to help you choose how to proceed.

Guardianship & Conservatorship services include:

– Representing you in the court hearing, including capturing specific testimony to show the court why you are best-suited for the role(s)

– Court preparation – providing guidance on what to say and how to present yourself at the hearing

– Providing notice to interested parties to satisfy due process rights

– Obtaining consents from family members to minimize surprises at the hearing

– Helping you complete required background checks

– Working with healthcare providers to obtain certification of incapacity

Former Probate Judge & litigators

Jim Moore is a former Probate Judge and Curtis Moore and Dan Stuart have 10+ years of experience in courtroom litigation.

Pricing to fit your budget

We will be transparent about our cost and provide an estimate before you incur a fee. We believe in communicating pricing options so you can decide how best to proceed.

Get appointed as efficiently as possible

With backgrounds in both litigation and estate planning, Moore Legacy Law is perfectly-situated to help you avoid court if possible and efficiently navigate the guardianship/conservatorship process if not.

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Fill us in on your needs. The first conversation is free, and it’s reassuring. We will provide transparent pricing estimates upfront, so you can decide whether, when, and how to proceed.

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