We are litigators with heart.

Sometimes disagreements arise even with the best laid estate plans. Moore Legacy Law is especially well-equipped to represent clients on either side, plaintiff or defense.

While Jim Moore is a former Probate Judge, Curtis Moore and Dan Stuart have 10+ years of experience litigating for preeminent law firms in Kansas City.

It is rare to find a small firm that is capable of both planning your estate and defending your interests if controversy arises.

Benefits of our representation include:

• Forecasting problems, solutions, difficult facts, risks, and your cost of litigation
• Developing a comprehensive litigation plan upfront to minimize financial and strategic surprises – this approach frequently differentiates us from our competitors
• Focusing on the technical details of the “motion to dismiss” phase to resolve the case favorably and as quickly as possible, saving our clients time and money
• Assisting you in navigating the court’s strict procedures and time limits

Litigation can be expensive and stressful. Our goal is always to reach a favorable resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Get an upfront cost estimate to help you choose how to proceed.

We represent clients on issues including:

– Contesting a will (will contest)

– Disputing a trust

– Seeking redress for a breach of fiduciary duty

– Quieting title to a property

– Securing property that was wrongfully taken

– Helping omitted heirs

– Addressing incapacity or undue influence issues

– Tackling a tortious interference

Former Probate Judge & litigators

Jim Moore is a former Probate Judge and Curtis Moore and Dan Stuart have 10+ years of experience in courtroom litigation.

Cost forecasting & transparency

Our attorneys are adept at forecasting the costs of litigation and your likelihood of a favorable outcome. Some firms will surprise you with huge bill after bill. We strive to be proactive and transparent, keeping you informed.

Reach an agreement as efficiently as possible

With backgrounds in both litigation and estate planning, Moore Legacy Law will help you navigate will, trust, and estate lawsuits with ease while increasing your likelihood of success.

How can we help

protect you?

Fill us in on your needs. The first conversation is free, and it’s reassuring. We will provide transparent pricing estimates for each stage of the litigation so you can decide whether, when, and how to proceed.

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